Parma for a Farmer

The state is in drought! Farmers are distraught because of the lack of water for their livestock and the crippling effect on their livelihood.

So, a fundraiser has been set up to ‘Buy a Parma for a Farmer’ where pubs and clubs have committed to contributing $1 from each parmigiana which is sold to the ‘buy a bale’ charity. Pubs and Clubs all over Victoria and parts of NSW have already committed to this. For more information see:

It sounds great, but the success of this cause depends on the number of people who know about it and are willing to take part?

Penny Lane has now also signed up to the fundraiser and will be running the campaign from Monday 13 - Friday 24 August. Share and like our posts on Facebook and Instagram and see you soon! :-)


Penny Lane Bar & Cafe in the Media...

First bar in the South East to join the Parma for a Farmer campaign ... great support from you guys.