It's all about the Coffee!

Let me set the scene – the weather is freezing!

Well, colder than I’ve experienced for the beginning of winter in Sydney for a while. I walk into Penny Lane Bar & Café at UNSW Kensington. Half my luck! I’ve found myself the corner table which gets a bit of the morning sun.

I get my laptop on the table and my notepad so that I can scribble my thoughts. Yep! I’m a scribbler. Don’t give me this ‘write on your screen’ rubbish. It must be on paper at some point while I’m thinking so I can read it!

I’m beginning to thaw! Slightly. I know it sounds like a cliché for the start of a story but it’s truly the case – check the weather in Sydney 16 July 2018 if you don’t believe me!

I ask for my morning ¾ flat white pleadingly. I need my morning coffee! Can’t start my day without it nor do I want to start my day without it. I usually have a mid-morning coffee too. And an afternoon coffee. And one after dinner. It’s all about the coffee!

I might place my disclaimer here. I’m not really a social media person! I prefer face to face interaction, phone calls or meetings! I’ve had to learn to work differently though so I still am very happy when clients and friends respond to emails, posts or comments which I send to them.

I would prefer to share a coffee with you in person, meet with you, talk to you, see you! I like meeting people and talking about nothing and everything at the same time!

So, I’ve decided to try this experiment:

I wonder how many of you that read this blog will ask to see me when you come in to the café at Kensington or respond to me with a comment (or hopefully a Like) on Facebook?

If you come in, ask to meet Ms Penny Lane. I’m hoping for at least 2 face-to-face meetings. I’ll give it 2 weeks and I will report back.


We’re all too busy and it’s so much easier to send me an email rather than trek out all the way from somewhere on campus to see me.

I hope this blog has useful information. Practical stuff like a discussion of what’s happening in the world, useful facts and anything interesting that crosses our path. There will probably be a bit of sport. I can’t play cos I’m in a chair, but I can certainly support!   So welcome!!